Agile Portugal 2010. June 25-26

Program and Pre-conference Workshops

The program schedule is now as final as it will ever be in an agile conference! :-)

We expect to open the Open Space wiki really soon, where you will be able to organize your own Open Space sessions, and where the Lightning-Talks schedule will take form.

We have also to announce that, by request of some participants, Joseph Yoder and Lachlan Heasman, in collaboration with Agile Portugal 2010, are offering a last-minute set of half-day and one-day workshops, to individuals or companies willing to have an intensive training session on specific topics.

If you are interested on attending these pre-conference workshops, please contact us!

We are offering special discounts for Agile Portugal 2010 participants and groups.

Get prepared for a great conference!

See you soon!