Agile Portugal 2010. June 25-26

Joseph Yoder

Joseph Yoder is a founder and principle of The Refactory, Inc., a company focused on software architecture, design, implementation, consulting and mentoring on all facets of software development. Joseph has been working in the software industry since the 80’s and is an international speaker and pattern author and long standing member of The Hillside Group, a group dedicated to improving the quality of software development. Joseph specializes in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, C#, Java, Smalltalk, Patterns, Agile Methods, Adaptable Systems, Refactoring, Reuse, and Frameworks. He has mentored developers on many types of software applications. Joe is the author of many patterns including being the co-author of the Big Ball of Mud pattern, which illuminates many fallacies in the approach to software architecture. Joseph has chaired the Pattern Languages of Programming Conference (PLoP), as well as presented tutorials and talks at conferences such as AGILE, ECOOP, JAOO, OOPSLA, PLoP, and QCON.

Joe currently resides in Urbana, Illinois. He teaches Agile Methods, Design Patterns, Object Design, Refactoring, and Testing in industrial settings and mentors developers on these concepts. He currently oversees a team of developers who have constructed many system based on enterprise architecture using the .NET environment. Other projects involve working in both the Java and .NET environments deploying Domain-Specific Languages for clients. Joe thinks software is still too hard to change. He wants do something about this and believes that with good patterns and by putting the ability to change software into the hands of the people with the knowledge to change it seems to be on promising avenue to solve this problem.


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Check the interview with Joe, where we discuss several topics, and extra information is provided about the subject of his keynote.