Agile Portugal 2010. June 25-26

Tutorial: Joseph Yoder

Agile Refactoring for Making Systems More Adaptable

Joseph Yoder, The Refactory, Inc
Friday, Jun 25, 13:30 – 15:00 @ B 003

Refactoring has become a well accepted principle within the Agile community. Uncle “Bob” (Robert Martin) even states in his Agile Software Development – Refactoring and Pair Programming book: “Refactoring, which when done as part of Test-Driven Development (TDD) is my personal favorite way to spend my development time”. Agile software development promotes a process that encourages and embraces changes to requirements. Whereas Refactoring is a behavior preserving source-to-source program transformation. So how can refactoring help you make your system more adaptable? This tutorial will examine software evolution techniques such as Refactoring withing the Agile Development process for making your system more adaptable as dictated by changing requirements.