Agile Portugal 2010. June 25-26

Keynote: Jutta Eckstein

Agile Software Development in the Large

Jutta Eckstein, IT communication

A lot of people still believe that agile software development is for small teams only. However, the agile value system and the principles behind as stated in the agile manifesto don’t say anything about team or project size. Furthermore the projects I’m working on are typically large, distributed and mission-critical. Therefore, several years ago I took the challenge and tried agile software development in the large. Meanwhile I made the similar experience on many large projects: Also large and even distributed teams can benefit from a value system that is beneficial for small teams.

In this keynote I want to show how to scale agile processes to teams of 300. In fact, the same techniques are also relevant to teams of ten or more developers, especially within large organizations.